Our Coffees

Kenya Bora Single Estate

Medium Roast

Hints of citrus, apple and sweet peach. This coffee has a wonderfully bright acidity which brings the sweetness of fresh fruit right to the front of the mouth. We love the delicate citrus notes and long finish of this single estate coffee, the Bora estate has produced a delicious speciality bean, perfect for an afternoon treat.

Ethiopia Natural Djimmah

Medium Roast

Natural Djimmah is unlike most unwashed African Arabica coffees, with it’s clean cup and smooth body. It has a wild hay-like aroma, with gentle hints of berry fruit. On the palate there is an initial flavour of lemon followed by notes of berries and cinnamon with a sugarcane sweetness. This is a beautifully smooth natural coffee, comforting and understated whilst incredibly easy drinking. 

Tanzania Majinja Single Estate

Medium Espresso

A stunning African coffee from close to the Kilimanjaro Mountain region in Tanzania. You can expect the full, fruity body of a coffee from this region, with notes of Apple and Orange Peel, but with a delicate finish of Dark Chocolate and a hint of Butterscotch.

Uganda Zombo Single Estate

Medium-Dark Roast

The slightly heavier roast really develops the flavours of milk chocolate and cranberry, making the cup complex and indulgent. The sweetness is more prominent and the fruity acidity more muted. Enjoy this as a cafetiere or espresso for best results.

Guatemala Volcanes Single Estate

Dark roast

perfectly balanced with sweet caramel and exotic fruit. It finishes with a subtle citrus like acidity and a hint of hazelnut. The aroma of the coffee is sweet and the body smooth. It makes for a really pleasant drink however it is brewed.